Project Description

Located in Marysville, WA the Qwuloot Estuary lies within the Snohomish floodplain a few miles upstream from the Snohomish River’s outlet into Puget Sound. For over one hundred years, this area had been cut off from its natural drainage process by several factors including an infestation of invasive reeds that overtook native shrubs and grasses.

The Pivetta Brothers team constructed a new levee, 4000 feet long and 15 feet high above the water level. Doing so allowed the breach of the Steamboat Slough, a tributary of the Snohomish River to restore 360 acres of wetlands. Thanks to our team’s expert-level problem solving and dedication to consistently achieving milestones this project was an enormous success.

  • Move and place 143,000 yards of fill material across a 100-year-old march pond
  • Limited weather window


More information can be found here.